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“A Group of 3 families, focusing on Gospel and Growth in Grace.”

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The 3G Group started from three families and continued to grow into a “life community” of six families. Through discipleship meetings on odd weeks and outreach meetings on even weeks, the twin wheels of discipleship and outreach can be balanced, so that the church’s mission of “Growing in Christ, Reaching the Nations” may be realized. In the 3G Group, through group meetings and close interactions in daily life, we practice graciously loving one another (Grace); through discipleship meetings and supporting each other, we pursue spiritual growth together and learn to be disciples of Christ (Growth). At the same time, we embrace the vision for outreach. Through prayer and outreach meetings, we invite seekers to join the life community, receive salvation, experience the abundant life (Gospel), and walk together on the path of discipleship growth.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the church’s weekly 3G Group meetings have all moved to online meetings, and re-divided into more than a dozen groups. Each group will meet through online meeting once a week. We hope that even though we can’t meet in person during these months of the pandemic, yet we can still continue to care for each other, pray for each other and grow spiritually. We hope that not only will everyone be safe and well, but that our hearts will be filled with peace, and our life will continue to grow spiritually.

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